Ex-Offender & Re-Entry

The ex-offender and re-entry program is designed to assist ex-offenders and those with a difficult past with a successful transition back into their community. The ex-offender and re-entry program calls for supporting post-incarceration re-entry efforts by assisting in job readiness and preparedness in the areas of workforce and business development.

Pre-Trial Diversion & Probation

Our pre-trial and probation platform seeks to divert certain offenders from traditional criminal justice processing into a program designed to build a person's emotional intelligence in the areas of self awareness, self regulation, empathy and social skills development. Soft skills training helps prevent future criminal activity among certain offenders by diverting them from traditional processing by expanding their individual ecosystem as a primary vehicle for support for modifying behaviors. These programs are suitable for those charged with drug-related offenses, theft and burglary, as well as worthless checks and domestic violence. Other misdemeanor or felony related offenses may also be applicable.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Positive Transitions for VR is a 40 hour program designed to help individuals with disabilities participate fully in their communities and become employed by preparing them through workforce readiness and preparedness training. Facilitators help those individuals with disabilities develop soft skills for employment placement and Individualized plan development.

Youth Intervention and Diversion

Positive Transitions seeks to strengthen and equip youth with market-driven skills and attitudes to improve their ability to transition to the workforce or to start up a business. Youth increase their work readiness  and preparedness through developing their proficiencies through soft skills training. Youth also develop skills for business idea expression and execution

Those individuals participating in the Positive Transitions soft skills platforms and who utilize the Rehabilitation Portfolio Workbook will learn how to identify their current soft and hard skills as well as their deficiencies.  They will also learn how to match their goals and abilities with available occupations or business concepts.  This program will also help participants understand some common challenges that exist to help better prepare for the marketplace as an employee or a business owner.  Moreover, participants will learn about the benefits of networking and finding ways to connect with potential employers and/or strategic partners


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The Soft Skills Training Institute of Florida (SSTI) specializes in the development, design, and implementation of soft skills training in the areas of workforce, business, and organizational development within urban communities.  The soft skills training models and curricula developed by SSTI are framed around the pillars of emotional intelligence development, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy, and social skills development.  Since 2006, SSTI has trained over 15,000 clients in both the public and private sector.  Our present enterprise model contains over 100 soft skills training courses that are easily integrated into both technical and nontechnical education platforms.

The Positive Transitions soft skills platforms are designed to support not only an ex-offenders successful re-entry, but also the employability skillset development for vocational rehabilitation consumers as well as youth diversion and intervention programs.  The flexibility of our soft skills training platforms allows for it to be used by not only those people with convictions but also those with traditional and nontraditional red flags in their backgrounds; such as high school dropouts and those with significant gaps in employment.  Our goal at SSTI is to assist directly impacted community members in successfully transitioning, not only back into community, but also into employment or the entrepreneurship marketplace.

The Positive Transitions soft skills platform is accompanied by the Rehabilitation Portfolio Workbook.  The purpose of the rehabilitation portfolio workbook and its accompanying soft skills modules is to help directly impacted community members become more prepared, confident and aware of their potential and therefore respond more appropriately to life challenges.  This portfolio will help participants develop the skills needed to become more self-aware, as well as obtain and retain employment.  Directly impacted participants will increase their skills, knowledge, and abilities in each of the following 15 soft skills core competency areas:

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