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Assessments through ACCUi

ACCUi is our Learning Management Center responsible for capturing empirical evidence that verifies whether a person has enhanced their competencies and/or skills. This process substantiates the effectiveness of our program.  Each participant in Positive Transitions takes a twenty five question post assessment at the end of each module to evaluate and assess their practical understanding of the subject matter. Participants are able to revisit each core competency as often as needed in order to enhance their ability to perform and demonstrate the soft skill successfully.

We Build People

Positive Transitions is a group of core competency based soft skills certificate programs developed by The Soft Skills Training Institute of Florida.  Positive Transitions was developed specifically to create proficiencies for ex-offenders, youth and those with difficult backgrounds. The programs consists of multiple modules and assessments. Platforms have been developed for ex-offenders, vocational rehabilitation and youth intervention and diversion programs. All modules, materials and assessments are developed by SSTI.

What is Positive Transitions?

OUR Process




We are the developers of the PeopleSmart Development Model which tangibly connects Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence Development and the advancement of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. This is where we start.

Core Competency Development

Core competencies in soft skills refer to proficiencies gained through strategic skill-set development. Think of core competencies as pooled knowledge and technical capacities that allow an individual to compete more effectively in the marketplace.