Youth Diversion & Intervention Training Programs

Our Positive Transitions  Youth Diversion & Intervention Certificate Programs are designed to provide an alternative to youth incarceration and/or charges.  Programs range from 4- 30 hours of education, training and assessments. 

Eligibility Criterion

The Youth Diversion & Intervention Program is available for first-time non-violent offenders at the district court level. Juveniles with prior convictions in municipal court may also be eligible, depending on the number of prior offenses and the juvenile’s performance on municipal probation, where applicable. Juvenile’s whose offense was violent, but did not result in serious injury to the victim, may be considered with approval from the court.

For consideration, the juvenile must: 

  • Be a first time offender, or have only low-level municipal prior offenses 
  • Accept full responsibility for their offense 
  • Be willing to complete the terms of the Youth Diversion Programs

What Will Be Expected of Participants: 

Acknowledgement of your responsibility for violating the law and willingness to make amends. An acceptance of the attendance, participation and assessment standards of the program.

Pre-Trial/ Probation Programs

Anti-Theft/Shoplifting Certificate Program

Anti-Violence/ Bullying Certificate Program

Anger Management Certificate Program

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Certificate Program

30 Hour Core Competency (Workforce Readiness and Preparedness Certificate)

Anti-Theft/ Shoplifting Certificate Program (4 Hours)

Our Anti-Theft/ Shoplifting Program was developed to effectively assist the offender with the recognition of behaviors and environmental characteristics that contribute to negative choices. This course challenges offenders to accept responsibility while simultaneously exploring options for a better life through better choices. Workbooks, Resource Booklets and Assessments are included.

Classroom Based/ Same-Day Certificate Cost $100


Choices Count

Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence

Time Management

Anti-Violence/Bullying Certificate Program (4 Hours)

The SSTI Anti-Violence/ Bullying Program is developed to explore the fundamental motivations, assumptions and perspectives behind domestic assault and intimidation. Additionally, our efforts and training is designed to assist offenders with skills to contain violent behaviors. Violence is explored from a anger management and conflict resolution perspective and also includes courses in decision making and choices. Courses are geared towards Self Awareness, Empathy and Self Regulation. Workbooks, Resource Booklets and Assessments are included.

Classroom Based/ Same-Day Certificate Cost $200


Anger Management

Conflict Resolution

Decision Making

Choices Count

Anger Management Certificate Program (4 Hours)

Self Regulation is one the fundamental attributes of Emotional Intelligence and this program, which is taught by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, gives direst attention to this skill. Additionally , we will train on Self-Awareness and behavior modification techniques. The management of our anger and the behavioral outcomes of such are essential to maturity and operation within a civil society. This program will explore the root causes of anger as well as techniques and processes that can be used to mitigate and control influencing variables and causes. This is the class for all offenders should take. Workbooks, Resource Booklets and Assessments are included.

Classroom Based/ Same-Day Certificate Cost $200


Anger Management

Conflict Resolution

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Emotional Intelligence

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Certificate Program (10 Hours)

The Drug & Alcohol Abuse Certificate Program is designed to address the social and economic realities of illicit drug use. The damage done to families and communities by drug selling and usag is well documented and this program directly addresses strategies and formulas for seeing beyond the status quo. This certificate program is supervised by a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. All workbooks, Resource Materials and Assessments are included

Classroom Based/ Certificate upon Completion of Program Requirements

Assessment & Evaluation (SASSI or CBT) $125 10-20 Sessions $25 per session.

Complete syllabus available by request.

30 Hour Core Competency Certificate Program

The Youth Positive Transitions Soft Skills platform is designed to support the juvenile’s successful development through workforce readiness and preparedness training, while simultaneously addressing the specifics of modifying and changing negative behaviors. The flexibility of this soft skills training platform allows for it to be used by not only those people with convictions but also those with traditional and nontraditional red flags in their background; such as high school dropouts, those with significant gaps in employment, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal at SSTI is to reduce recidivism by assisting affected youth in successfully transitioning, not only back into community, but also into employment or entrepreneurship.

Directly impacted youth will increase their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the following 15 soft skills core competency areas:

 Anger Management for Youth 

Career Planning & Job Hunting for Youth 

Communication Skills for Youth

Conflict Resolution for Youth

Decision Making for Youth

Dress for Success for Youth

Emotional Intelligence for Youth

Goal Setting & Getting It Done

Interviewing Skills for Those With Tough Backgrounds

Listening Skills

Networking & Relationship Building for Youth

Positive Thinking & A Winning Attitude

Resumes That Help Explain a Difficult Past

Stress Management for Youth

Time Management for Youth

The Youth Positive Transitions Program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction. Each graduating participant will receive a Certificate of Completion to be used in their workforce and job/career development planning. They will also learn how to match their goals and abilities with available occupations or business concepts. This program will also help participants understand some common challenges that exist to help better prepare for the marketplace as an employee or a business owner. Moreover, participants will learn about the benefits of networking and finding ways to connect with potential employers and/or strategic partners. All Workbooks, Resource Booklets and Assessments are Included.

Assessment and Evaluation (SASSI or CBT) $125

Program Cost $375