The UDC specializes in providing education and training opportunities through our On-the-Job Training Program called OJTUSA.  We partner with companies and organizations to provide work-based training and education to consumers needing to gain value-added experience and exposure through hands-on activities and employment.

OJTUSA will provide qualified employees through its pool of clients to work within your organization. But wait, it gets better, all wages paid to our consumers are reimbursable. So think,  you can assist another citizen with obtaining valuable experience and exposure to a trade or skill and get assistance with paying their wages.

 On-the-Job Training (OJT) Overview

Training Cost Reimbursement for Qualifying Positions

OJTUSA supported On-the-Job Training opportunities (OJT) can help local businesses train and retain skilled, productive workers. Companies can use OJTs to train promising job candidates who don’t have all the skills a position requires and to fill positions that require unique skill sets. For qualifying positions, an OJT Plan and Agreement provides employers with a cost effective-way to develop talent. 

How OJTs Works:

1. An OJT Opportunity is listed with The Urban Development Center, Inc.

An OJTUSA Representative works with a business to identify its recruitment and HR needs. When an OJT opportunity is identified, the OJT Representative develops an OJT Training Plan and Agreement stating what skills and experience a candidate will gain from participating in OJT.  The OJT Plan and Agreement is a collaboration between the Provider, the Customer, and the Worksite.

2. Recruitment

Once listed, the OJTUSA Rep will start searching the  our job seeker database to recruit candidates that qualify for the OJT position.

3. An OJT plan and agreement is developed for the new employee

When the business chooses a candidate, a Training Plan and Agreement is developed with specific goals to be achieved during a specified time period. The training period can last up to six to eight weeks or longer, depending on the expected time it takes for a trainee to achieve a satisfactory level of job competency.

4. The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation reimburses for the training investment

To offset the cost of OJT Vocational Rehabilitation reimburses approved OJT Vendor for their training investment at 100% of wages paid to the new hire during the OJT training period.