Ex-Offender & Re-Entry Training

The Soft Skills Training Institute of Florida (SSTI) specializes in the development, design, and implementation of soft skills training in the areas of workforce, business, and organizational development within urban communities. The soft skills training models and curricula developed by SSTI are framed around the pillars of emotional intelligence development, which includes self-awareness, self- regulation, internal motivation, empathy, and social skills development. Since 2006, SSTI has trained over 15,000 clients in both the public and private sector. Our present enterprise model contains over 150 soft skills training courses that are easily integrated into both technical and nontechnical education platforms.

The Positive Transitions Soft Skills platform is designed to support the ex-offender’s successful re-entry through workforce readiness and preparedness training. The flexibility of this soft skills training platform allows for it to be used by not only those people with convictions but also those with traditional and nontraditional red flags in their background; such as high school dropouts, those with significant gaps in employment, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal at SSTI is to assist affected community members in successfully transitioning, not only back into community, but also into employment or entrepreneurship.

The Positive Transitions Soft Skills platform is accompanied by the Rehabilitation Portfolio Workbook. The purpose of the rehabilitation portfolio workbook and its accompanying soft skills workshops is to help directly impacted persons become more prepared and confident with the job search or business building process. This portfolio will help participants such as ex-offenders develop the skills needed to obtain and retain employment or launch a business. Directly impacted participants will increase their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the following 15 soft skills core competency areas:

  • Anger Management for Ex-Offenders
  • Career Planning & Job Hunting for Ex-Offenders
  • Communication Skills for Ex-Offenders
  • Conflict Resolution for Ex-Offenders
  • Decision Making for Ex-Offenders
  • Dress for Success for Ex-Offenders
  • Emotional Intelligence for Ex-Offenders
  • Goal Setting & Getting It Done: The Journey Begins
  • Interviewing Skills for Those With Tough Backgrounds
  • Listening Skills for Ex-Offenders
  • Networking & Relationship Building for Ex-Offenders
  • Positive Thinking & A Winning Attitude
  • Resumes That Help Explain a Difficult Past
  • Stress Management for Ex-Offenders
  • Time Management for Ex-Offenders

The Positive Transitions Program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction. Each graduating participant will receive a Certificate of Completion to be used in their workforce and job/career development plan. They will also learn how to match their goals and abilities with available occupations or business concepts. This program will also help participants understand some common challenges that exist to help better prepare for the marketplace as an employee or a business owner. Moreover, participants will learn about the benefits of networking and finding ways to connect with potential employers and/or strategic partners.